Make $100k A Month YouTube Videos Are Full of Sh*t

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People will tell you anything to sell you something online. They don’t care how they sound. They’ve done it so many times they cannot see how empty their promises are anymore.

It’s just business for them. If they can get your clicks, they are fine.

They know their game and they play it well. They are experts at giving expert advice on skills they’ve never practicalized. You’ve probably come across some of them:

How to Make $100k a Month With Free Google Ad Certifications

How to Make $400k a Month With Drop shipping

How to Make $100k a Month From Home

How to Make $200k a Month From Fiverr

… Just to name a few. 

I wasted a lot of my time and energy because of them.

After University, graduating with a certificate I couldn’t do much with, I too had my share of YouTube videos filled with empty promises. All of them confidently give expert advice on how a skill they know nothing about will make you $100k a month.

I believed many of them. They sounded really convincing. I eagerly moved from video to video, but it all led to a dead end. I became fed up when I realized it was all a smokescreen. The majority of these YouTubers know nothing about these online skills they talk about.

My first experience was with Fiverr

I watched this video on how to make hundreds of thousands a month working on Fiverr. For someone who had no experience working on Fiverr, the video made it look practical and easy enough.

I got excited.

I watched a couple of more videos, all of which only repeated the same stuff.

I created an account and went through the exhausting process of creating gigs. I pitched and pitched and pitched. Nothing. I got nothing for weeks. I then spoke to a friend of mine who had been on the platform for a while, that’s when I got the realistic intro to Fiverr.

Long story short, in my history on Fiverr, I made a whopping sum of $0. I quit.

They are exploiting the “remote work gold-rush”

During a gold rush, selling shovels and other digging equipment is a more lucrative business than digging for gold itself. This is what these YouTubers are doing.

More people are now working remotely than ever. What’s a better way to catch their attention than promising them your video will help them make $100k in a month? They sell several ways to get rich quickly working from home even though they’ve never tried or made any money from the skills themselves.

They all say the same thing

If you’ve ever been led down the rabbit hole of clicking these sorts of videos, you’ll quickly realize that they are all repeating the same thing, a pure indication that they simply did a search for a trending topic and decided to give expert financial advice on how you can become rich with those skills.

Is making $100k a month from those skills possible? Sure, but it’s nothing like how they make it look in those videos. The reality is much more poignant.

They are all clickbait

I don’t have any problem with clickbait. To be honest, almost every creator on the internet uses it.

But if you’re going to click-bait people, give them something worth the time. The kind of advice you’ll find in these “make 100k a month” YouTube videos is harmful because they rarely tell you the reality of the skills they talk about.

Hell, most of the YouTubers don’t know the reality of the skills they talk about through experience. No one just starts to make a thousand dollars because they have skills that are available to everyone for free. That’s the lie. Some of them will even call it easy money.

Most people watch these videos and go into learning these skills and taking courses they don’t need because they go in with unrealistic expectations. The end result is that they end up wasting valuable time and energy before they eventually quit.

They are not realistic

There is this video about making $100k a month from google ad certifications where this guy claimed he had his google ad certification 6 years ago, after which he started making a ton of money from the services he rendered to local businesses.

But the thing is, the oldest courses on google ad certification date back to 2017. Judging from the date he published his video, it doesn’t add up. Besides, if he was really making so much money from it, why did he quit that to start a YouTube channel? This is what happens when people make claims without showing evidence.

They know how to pick the best-case scenarios for their videos too.

They show you how a top seller on Fiverr is making a gazillion dollars per hour without telling you that he probably offered their services for $5 for a whole year before moving higher because of the fiercely competitive nature of Fiverr.

The reality of making money online isn’t sexy

The reality is more poignant.

Most of the people who are making a ton of money from soft skills or certifications either have a huge resume or years of experience behind them.

In most cases, even after you get certifications and learn your skills, it’s going to take months or years of painstakingly offering your job for peanuts before you can build a resume good enough to charge what you deserve.

My friend who works at Fiverr told me he had to painstakingly offer complex jobs for as low as $10 — sometimes $5. And he did that for a while before building a resume that could charge for more.

Most people who start pursuing skills and getting certifications after watching those YouTube videos are going to quit like I did because the reality they’ll get will be worlds apart from their expectations.

Sure, it’s possible to make a ton of money online. There are a bunch of people who consistently make hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, it takes a lot of unsexy work. In the beginning, the odds will be stacked against you.

Some successful writers I’ve reached out to for advice have told me they wrote for up to five years before seeing any tangible shift in their results. For some great writers like J.K Rowling, Stephen King, Paulo Coelho, it took over a decade. This is the reality of building skills.

Yours may not take that long, but admitting the possibility alone will create the right attitude towards your craft. There’s a time to learn, and there’s a time to earn. Making $100k is possible, but you sure can’t learn how to do it from those whitewashed YouTube videos.

Those who should be teaching how to make $100k from a skill should be people who have done it. If you’ve made $200k from your YouTube videos or your Medium articles or Fiverr, then, by all means, educate people on how you did it with evidence. Only those who have worked the work can tell you how the road really is.

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