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Aside from the fact that losing fat is sometimes associated with beauty, excess fat can prevent you from staying healthy and can lead to certain complications.

If you’ve tried all the tips you’ve found on the internet and heard from people and for some reason, you’re still not losing fat as you want to, you might have some counter-productive habits. That said, here are seven wrong habits you should avoid if you want to lose that fat more effectively.

1. Dehydrating yourself

Water is a class of food that isn’t emphasized a lot but if you want to lose fat, you must remember the role of water in enhancing body metabolism. An increased body metabolism would lead to increased absorption, increased usage of food and nutrients, and less storage of fat.

Regular water intake helps the body’s metabolism regularly and a constant increased rate of metabolism will mean losing fat constantly and faster. Irregular drinking or not drinking water at all would mean a slower metabolism rate and a slower rate of burning fat.

On your fat loss journey, care should be taken to make water a constant. Drink it, sip it, put a lot in your diet! Stay hydrated!

2. Eating processed foods often

Processed foods should be avoided as many times as they are appealing to the eyes. Though they may seem like the best bet on a fat loss journey by some, they are not. Many of them contain preservatives that are not healthy and cause the accumulation of trans fat which is bad fat in the body and even in the stomach.

Some of these foods claim to be a diet but they are nothing but a bunch of artificial sweeteners that increase your appetite. They increase the rate at which you’re hungry. This means you feel like eating a lot more and since they have an affinity for sugar, they make you sugar-hungry and you keep eating foods that make fat accumulate. A better option is fresh foods that are well cooked. They are tastier, richer, and much healthier for you.

3. Staying off every fat food

“You are trying to lose fat so you have to stay off any kind of fat food.”

This statement sounds like a no-brainer, but is it? Should you avoid fat foods totally to lose fat? Well, as science has found, there are good fats and there are bad fats. As an article by Healthline explained about using fat for weight loss,

“Don’t be afraid of eating fats. Your body still requires healthy fats no matter what eating plan you choose. Olive oil and avocado oil are great choices for including in your eating plan.”

Healthy fats which are primarily polyunsaturated are needed for effective fat loss. Whilst the bad fat increases cholesterol levels, which is unhealthy, the good fat that can be found in almonds, soy milk, and fish oil helps you eat less (since you feel fuller for a longer time), and metabolism increases.

Also, unsaturated fats increase muscle tone and movement which is essential for exercise. Since it clears out the body’s cholesterol, it also prevents atherosclerosis plaques and clotting of blood which happens in obese individuals. The presence of healthy fat also makes you feel less exhausted and energetic to avoid sedentary lifestyles and habits.

4. You’re not keeping track of what you eat!

Ever heard something about not planning and not achieving goals?

Dealing with fat loss is a journey of being very intentional about what you eat. There will be no fat loss without an intentional track of what you eat and what you don’t eat.

In losing fat, habits like regular mealtimes should be normalized. Regular meal choices should be considered as well. Many times, the extra effort at losing fat is a waste because you’re countering all of it with an impulsive change in daily habits and food and not even knowing the fat or calorie content of what you eat. A simple reminder on your phone could do the trick and help you keep track. Having a regular meal time has been shown to boost metabolism, aid detoxification, and clean eating.

5. Excessive alcohol

It’s a weekend, there is a party and there’s a lot to drink. Your best buddies come over and what’s better to celebrate the moment over than alcohol?”

Sometimes, we think that the burning sensation when drinking alcohol burns up all the fat, but that’s not what happens.

Alcohol will increase your appetite and slow down your body’s metabolism.

Alcohol contains empty calories which add little or no nutrients to the body. One can of beer contains about 155 calories. More drinking equals increased appetites, increased appetite means more eating than usual and much more fat deposits.

Excess alcohol also affects the liver which is the body’s metabolism center and hence when the liver is overwhelmed, metabolism reduces drastically. The bottles away, the glasses and drinks away and we are keeping the fat away.

6. Irregular exercising

Exercising has proven to be very effective in losing fat. Whilst this is true, exercising irregularly would do nothing! Some benefits of exercise are that it helps to improve the body’s metabolism rate and enhances blood circulation and oxygen delivery to various tissues and organs in the body and helps fat burn.

But the bad thing about irregular exercise is that body metabolism patterns will be disrupted, and sometimes, metabolism may be very slow or very fast. For effective fat loss, the body metabolism rate must be constant.

Not following an exercise routine or over-exercising can lead to stress and fatigue. The stress would take a toll on the body, making you want to recover by resting longer. At this point, you would be taking back all the fat that has been lost.

Regular exercising involves planning exercise schedules and how many times in a week they should be taken. You could join a gym fitness program or exercise with friends to make the process easier and be accountable to follow a routine.

Cardio and lifting weights at particular times in a week are steady exercise schemes for fat loss.

7. Unrealistic and unattainable goals and targets

Very important in getting goals including fat loss is being very realistic.

Interactions with individuals who started fat loss without setting realistic goals and having realistic expectations show that these individuals give up easily as their fairytale dreams are dashed.

Set targets that can be easily met. The process may involve joining a community that is supportive and also realistic as well. In these communities, one can get to know experts or even people who have gone through their fat loss journey with amazing and visible results.

Speaking with the individuals can help you set goals for yourself. Getting an accountability partner with whom you share your wins, lapses, or improvements regularly is helpful too.

Final thoughts

To lose fat faster and more effectively, a lot needs to be done. However, a lot more habits need to be avoided to prevent countering your efforts. Just one morning of intense workout isn’t enough to have a whole day of rest or a night of excess beer. When it comes to weight loss or building the right habits, the things you do are just as important as the things you don’t do.

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