30 Self-Awareness Quotes That Will Change How You See yourself

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Self-awareness is the foundation for a balanced life. It is no wonder why the Greek maxim, “Know thyself” has remained relevant for so long.

Though we all know and appreciate the idea of “knowing oneself,” self-knowledge is rare because it requires a conscious effort to understand yourself. It takes courage to be able to look within yourself and face your own nature.

That said, here are 30 quotes that can help you understand what it entails to be self-aware.

People don’t necessarily like you for being a good person. But they will certainly like you for being convenient for them.”

“Pay extra attention to the things that quickly irritate you about others. They have more to teach you about yourself than you think.” 

“The more self-aware you become, the easier it will be for you to learn and grow from your mistakes.” 

“Self-awareness means being able to honestly view your life without putting labels on your thoughts and experiences. Just observe without judgment.”

“If you want to know yourself, you must learn to be alone. In a place of solitude, you can confront your mind, listen to yourself, and make sense of your life.”

“If you must know yourself, you must be willing to act. No one ever achieved self-knowledge through mere contemplation. When you act, you make mistakes, you learn your strengths and weaknesses, you understand your limit.”

“Nothing takes balance away from your life than depending on opinions for your self-evaluation.” 

“Know and uphold the person your intuition wants you to be, not the person everyone else wishes you were.” 

“Following what’s conventional is easy. What’s not easy is finding the courage to do what your heart tells you to do.” 

“We often fall into the trap of hiding monsters under our carpets. We think they’ll go away if we do. But often, the monsters we hide only grow stronger and come back to devour us.” 

“Self-awareness doesn’t come by chance. It has to be a conscious process. It takes effort to overcome the natural decay that sets in when we become too familiar with ourselves and our surroundings.” 

“What makes you truly safe and secure in this world is self-knowledge. It is how we build a life we are truly proud of.”

“What’s rare isn’t hastiness, confidence, or wittiness, but self-examination, stillness, and self-awareness.” 

“Every emotion you feel starts within you, never from the external. Pain, joy, agony, depression, pleasure, are all self-created.” 

“Our thoughts will always revolve around the things we value. This is a law of human nature.” 

“Nothing takes balance away from your life than depending on opinions for your self-evaluation. Never try to suppress your emotions. See everything you feel as a message. Learn to observe instead of suppressing. Be aware of them instead of ignoring them. There are no wrong feelings, there only wrong interpretations.” 

“Nothing takes balance away from your life than depending on opinions for your self-evaluation. People’s opinions of you are never the same as who you really are. Never mix up those two.”

“Being true to yourself is a lifelong commitment you have to actively make every day. It requires courage. Most times it will be much easier to blend in than to take a stand. But if you must know yourself, you must be willing to take a stand, be seen, and confronted.” 

“No one ever discovered themselves through hiding.” 

“You only have total control over your mind, not outside events. But this alone is enough to give you incredible power.”

“Imitation kills self-awareness. Each person has a unique set of experiences through which they intuitively navigate the world. If you tamp down that subtle voice that comes from your uniqueness, you might kill your creative energy.” 

“Having no dark side doesn’t make you a good person. What makes you a great person is accepting your dark side and putting it under control.” 

“You have to be wise to spot wisdom in someone else.” 

“If you’re willing, you have the power and freedom to change your life at any moment in time. You just have to be willing.” 

“Nothing takes away beauty from today than regret or apprehension about what’s to come.” 

“We know ourselves more than any other person in the world, yet we easily agree with people’s opinions of us. We get depressed and anxious over little mistakes. We retreat at the very time we should stand up for ourselves and reaffirm who we really are.” 

“Paradoxically, nothing inhibits self-awareness more than self-absorption.” 

“True and stable happiness can only come from within, not from the external.” 

“Your character, values, integrity, everything you are within yourself is far more important than opinions or possessions. Your individuality is what determines who you really are.”

“Never make any important decision during moments of intense emotion.” 



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